Calculation of translation services

We charge prices according to simple and clear billing models.
Translations may be calculated according to different systems: per word, per line, per site, per hour.

As a principle, the pricing of Translatorius GmbH is based on the number of words in the source text. For non-Latin characters, the target text will be used to calculate.

The minimum price for a translation is EUR 30.00.

For long and complex texts we will be happy to create a package deal on request.

Calculation of interpretation services

Interpretation services are calculated according to three charging systems: per hour, per half day’s rate, per full day’s rate.

The rates will be calculated according to language combination, subject and degree of difficulty. Interpretation services beyond the interpreter’s place of residence are quoted before a daily allowance and any applicable travel and accommodation fees.

Simultaneous interpreting (cabin interpreting) is quoted as per request with additional technology (guild interpretation and whisper interpretation equipment and cabin technology).

All prices are quoted excluding VAT of 19% currently.

Always book on time!

Please keep in mind that interpreters need to be booked well in advance.